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About Westlo Creations

Hello there!


I’m Katie and making artisan keycaps in my spare time is what I enjoy. My keycap making journey started in December of 2022. Quickly after, I found myself with an ever-growing collection of keycaps, that I didn't know what to do with. May of 2023, I started Westlo Creations in Tennessee, United States, with hopes of saying goodbye to some keycaps. The name Westlo Creations comes from my cats, Westley and Lotus.


Sometimes I make the keycaps using polymer clay on a PBT keycap base. Sometimes I make the keycaps using UV resin as the base. All keycap descriptions include what they are made, because the majority are a mixture of both.


Even though some of the keycaps include a PBT keycap base, I do consider them handmade, because of the added elements. Minor imperfections may be present; I will always include a description and best image I can capture though!

I do accept custom keycap requests (depending on things).


Feel free to get in contact with me using the form below!

Contact Westlo Creations
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